Empowering Stroke Survivors And Families Through New Memoir – The Power Of A Virtual Friendship Lives On

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Empowering Stroke Survivors And Families Through New Memoir

By Lynn Sanders

There was no one like Roland Takaoka.

He was witty, funny and caring.  A giver.  Always helping people across the computer screen with their marketing, websites and online programs.  He was worked from his wheelchair, paralyzed on his right side after a third stroke.  Few people knew he was disabled, and even few knew he had written a memoir.  Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly from a fourth stroke on August 23rd, 2018. And I happened to be one of the few people who held his unpublished manuscript.

I’ve now launched a crowdfunding site to get Roland’s future best-seller published.  It’s an empowering, personal, inspiring book that will help stroke survivors, their families and anyone facing physical challenges.  The book is titled, “Roland’s Story: Inspired By A Stroke.  A Memoir of Hope, Healing & Transformation.”

Roland and I met after one of my online video shows, and from that first compelling conversation, we became instant buddies.  Almost effortlessly, Roland and I bonded on a deep, spiritual level.

He volunteered to help me with my websites, and served tirelessly as my wingman on my “Difference Makers” shows.  He helped train guests on the tech requirements before every program, and monitored the comment stream for our livestreaming broadcasts.  He later led his own video programs, “The Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties” and “The Positivity Show,” attracting guests from around the world. He later co-hosted “Stroke TV,” with Aaron Avila.  (Stroke TV still continues with Aaron and a new co-host, Jerry Wald.  It’s in process of becoming a nonprofit foundation, and already has over 3000 stroke survivor followers worldwide.)

Roland never saw himself as disabled.  Instead, he focused on what he could do.  Through his experiences with an enlightened physical therapist, he gained a deeper understanding about the mind-body connection.  He recognized how thought and belief affects the body.  With that perception, Roland decided that no matter what his circumstance, he would choose a positive attitude.  His motto was,” “expand in joy.”

Roland was the most positive person I knew.  Always smiling.  Whenever I needed a friend, a listening ear, I could click on the Google Hangouts button in my computer, and if he was around, Roland would type back with his left hand, clicking on the video icon so we could see each other.  Over four years, my husband Joel and I traveled out to Rancho Santa Margarita, California, just to be with him and his wife, Barbara Peeters.

After Roland’s sudden passing on August 23, 2018, I knew his memoir needed to be published.  It’s filled with humorous stories of Roland’s adventures in the hospital, rehab and at home, and demonstrates the difference in his life by thinking positively.

In addition to the original manuscript, I’ve added my reflections, and interviewed Roland’s wife, Barbara Peeters for an epilogue.  A resource section for stroke survivors will also be included, along with testimonials from many business leaders and friends.

To cover the costs of publishing, printing and promotion, as well as financial support for Roland’s widow, Lynn launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo from June 18th, which concludes on July 18th.  You can watch her video and learn more by visiting the link:  http://bit.ly/PublishThisStory.

Our stories can make a big difference in touching the lives of others. Roland’s Story provides a legacy in the world of positive thinking.  It’s a ‘can’t put down’ story of how our thoughts transform our life.

The crowdfunding campaign includes special perks from business leaders for those who make a donation.  Sponsors are being sought who’d like to be featured inside the book.  To learn more, contact Lynn Sanders, Difference Makers Media, at 847-501-2867.  Email: lynn@differencemakersmedia.com

Empowering Stroke Survivors And Families Through New Memoir  — The Power Of A Virtual Friendship Lives On

Empowering Stroke Survivors And Families Through New Memoir  — The Power Of A Virtual Friendship Lives On Part 2

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