Dr. Amy Shah Talks About Allergies At Expo West With Mark Alyn

Summer is here and the allergy season is at its peak. Dr. Amy Shah talks about what to do about your allergies naturally with products from Genexa.

If you don’t think you are prone to seasonal allergies, don’t write them off too quickly. It is absolutely possible to develop allergies as an adult. Another factor escalating the duration and intensity of seasonal allergies is climate change and the increasing levels of carbon dioxide that plants feed off producing super high-pollen plants in which the pollen is more potent and in the air for much longer.

In fact, more than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies each year, with spring allergies responsible for the majority of cases. Between tree, grass and weed pollen, allergy season can start as early as mid-March and run through the end of September.

Dr. Amy Shah, double board-certified medical doctor in internal medicine and allergy immunology says allergies are actually getting worse in developed nations and the reason could be because of the “hygiene hypothesis” – that we are being too sanitary and certain chemicals we are exposed to through personal care products and medicines that are designed to make our lives more convenient but are actually flaring up allergies.  Dr. Shah will share with your audience four ways to power through the worst high-pollen days so you can get a jump on spring allergies (talking points and visuals include: workouts/showers, when to start meds and which ones help the most, skipping happy hour and passing the pineapple and other foods that naturally provide relief).

Dr. Amy Shah, MD, received her medical training from three of the top schools in the country: Cornell, Harvard and Columbia universities. She is also a wellness and nutrition expert who utilizes her specialized skill-set in Eastern and Western medicines to focus on hormones, allergies and gut health to help the body heal from the inside out. Shah is called upon frequently by the media for her expertise.

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