Circumcision: Is It Good Or Bad? What Do You Think?

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Circumcision: Is It Good Or Bad? What Do You Think?

The singer Pink (Alecia Moore) found herself the subject of unwanted criticism when she posted a picture of her diaper-less son Jameson on Instagram. What upset both fans and non-fans alike was that her son was apparently circumcised.

Circumcision is rapidly falling out of favor with Millennials and Gen X’ers, and this was one trend Pink missed the boat on. Young people these days consider circumcision barbaric, ignorant, and akin to wearing a fur coat. Pink responded angrily telling fans to mind their own business and “STFU.” Some fans rushed to her defense. But perhaps Jameson wished that his mother would have minded HER own business and left his genitals intact.

Public opinion polls have repeatedly shown that people under 40 have overwhelmingly turned against circumcision. Circumcision rates have been dropping, but took a more dramatic downward turn over the last 6 years.

The foreskin is an important part of male anatomy providing increased sensitivity, lubrication, and it actually protects the penis. The elastic gliding skin is an important structure and contains 20,000 special fine touch nerve receptors. The foreskin provides an enhanced sexual experience for both partners.

Furthermore, removal of the foreskin is a painful, traumatic experience of infants. Perhaps Pink was unaware that a doctor tied her son down in a contraption so he was spread eagle, tore his foreskin from the glans, made a cut to insert a device (GOMCO clamp), painfully crushed the foreskin to prevent excessive bleeding, and then cut the foreskin from the device. Babies are typically given little to no anesthesia for an excruciatingly painful procedure. This traumatic experience has been shown to permanently affect individuals.

Also turning people away from the dated practice of circumcision is that twenty-two (22) international medical groups specifically state they “do not recommend circumcision,” citing lack of medical benefit, risks, and the anatomical importance of foreskin. Anthony Losquadro, Founder & Director of Intaction ( drops by to talk about the controversy with Mark Alyn.

Circumcision: Is It Good Or Bad? What Do You Think?

Circumcision: Is It Good Or Bad? What Do You Think? Part 2

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