Celebrity Pain and Posture Expert Reveals 5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Pain-Free During The Pandemic

Frank Titus is the founder of Titus Motion Therapy and has helped over 10,000 people get out of pain, and in most cases, stay out of surgery. He has worked with NBA, NFL, MLB, and PGA players including Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott, and Mark Schlereth to name a few.

Below are 5 tips and 5 stretches designed to help keep you out of pain and to reduce stress and keep you from injuring yourself while we #stayathome during the coronavirus crisis.

Screen height – “The human head weighs eight pounds!” make sure the center of your computer screen is at EYE LEVEL. If your head is leaning forward looking at your emails or during Zoom calls your back is going to be working overtime.

Water – your body is 2/3rds water. Low hydration can lead to muscle strain and cramps.

Move – Every hour get up and walk around your home. Do some laps around the living room or kitchen. We’re prone to hunching as we’re cooped up in our homes during the COVID pandemic. Get your body up and moving once every hour to prevent stiff muscles or worse!

Breathe – Our muscles need oxygen to function properly, yet most of us are terrible about paying attention to our breathing. Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing throughout the day to stay healthy and reduce stress while you’re at it.

Stretch! – 80% of the population experiences low back pain, it is one of the most common pains we experience from bad posture and neglecting our bodies, however, it is one of the easiest to correct! Frank Titus developed a treatment method with the following stretches, easy to do wherever you are, to help keep you out of pain.
Listen to Frank and Mark here

Listen to Frank and Mark here

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