Boost Your Immune System With Dr. Earl Mindell

Dr. Earl Mindell joins Mark Alyn for a look at boosting your immune system.

Here are some recommendations from Dr. Mindell.


1. Lemon Wedges in Restaurants:
Don’t put them in your drink. They can contain 25 different
2. Restaurant Menus: Bacteria can survive for 48 hours.
They are wiped once daily with a dirty rag.
3. Doors and Door Knobs in bathrooms:
Only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands
after using the toilet.
4. Swimming Pools: 70% of public and 40% of private pools
in clubs have evidence of bacteria found in fecal matter.
5. Water Fountains: More germs than toilet seats.
6. Shopping Carts: They can contain micro-organisms from
raw meat, dirty diapers, and runny noses.
7. Elevator Buttons:
Use the elbow or the tip of the pen and pencil.
8. TV Remote controls in Hotels and Motels:
Wipe or spray with a sanitizing mist. Also lamp switches, unwrapped drinking glasses, hairdryers, bedspreads,
coffee makers and bathroom faucets.
9. Sandboxes
10. ATM Buttons, Credit Car Machines
11. Gyms: Bring your own towels and wear flip flops in the locker room.
12. Gas Pumps: 71% were found to be contained bacteria.
13. Cell Phones, and Office Phones: Up to 30% of viruses can be transferred from your fingertips to a glass surface
such as a cell phone.

My advice is to carry a hand sanitizing gel with you in your purse, pocket, glove compartment in your car, at the office etc.
Use it on supermarket carts, hand baskets, and at any place where people congregate. Make sure the product has at least
60% alcohol. Also, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds,with soap and water.

1. Vitamin C can be taken 500 mg at a time.
2. Gargle with saturated solution of Salt in Water.
3 Wash your hands with soap and water often.
4. Zinc lozenges can be used if needed.
5. Taking Vitamin D3 5000 daily.
6. Taking Beta-Carotene 10,000 IU daily.
7. Taking an Antioxidant supplement (Vitamins C,E,A, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10, Grape Seed Extract.

8. Eat fresh fruits and veggies with each meal.

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