At Risk Kids

Aware of the overwhelming negative influences and lack of opportunity facing underprivileged children throughout Los Angeles suburbs Derek Locklear, founder of Coach Derek, Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA went on a mission to provide at-risk youth with alternatives to unhealthy behaviors.

To achieve his goal, Coach Derek formed Let’s Give Them A Shot!, (LGTS) a non-profit to help kids get the sports instruction they need whether or not they can afford it. The Let’s Give Them a Shot team empowers at-risk youth, in Watts, Compton and other L.A. schools, ages 5 to 12 to lead healthy and positive lives through sports instruction, mentoring and reading programs. Derek works closely with community leaders in Los Angeles County to offer his classes directly to the community.

In addition, he targets underserved high school students from the same communities as his elementary school participants, with his Coaches-In-Training Program. Through this program, a select group of teenagers are trained and then paid to lead, coach, mentor and tutor the young children participating in the Let’s Give them a Shot program. The Coaches-in- Training learn sports skills, game rules, and life lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.

Coach Derek, Inc. started 15 years ago with 5 kids and now serves over 1,000 children a week. His goal is to teach and reach as many children as possible through sports.


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