Are Vitamins and Supplements Worth The Money?

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Conflicting headlines on the value of nutrients like omega-3 and vitamin D can create doubt among consumers who want to take charge of their health but aren’t sure if the money they are spending on supplements is worth it. Karen Howard, executive director and CEO of the Organic & Natural Health Association joins Late Night Health host Mark Alyn to discuss the latest on regulation and nutrient deficiencies.

Howard talks to us about the many variables involved with clinical trials for nutrients and why it’s so it’s important to do field studies to collect as much data as possible. She says by measuring omega-3, DHA and EPA levels along with vitamin D serum levels, her nonprofit organization, along with research partner GrassrootsHealth, will help pinpoint exactly what’s working and what combinations of these nutrients are needed for improved outcomes for a variety of health conditions, which could shed more light on what levels of vitamins and supplements you really need.

Join Late Night Health Radio host, Mark Alyn and our guest, Karen Howard to learn about the Organic & Natural Health Association’s position on the opposing views on popular vitamins and supplements, if you should be spending your money on them or not, and how to make them work best for you. Learn more at


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