AARP Investigates Fraud & Scams Against Seniors (and Others)

Every day we hear countless stories of incredible people doing amazing things during this coronavirus pandemic. From doctors and nurses fighting the battle in emergency rooms nationwide to neighbors helping their community by donating food and supplies to those in need. With so many of us doing our best in dealing with this unprecedented epidemic, criminals are using this time to take advantage of the population’s most vulnerable – seniors. The April issue of AARP Bulletin features an in-depth cover story on how international scammers are using sophisticated techniques to dupe countless victims out of millions of dollars and how these high-level tricksters will do everything they can to take the money and run.

AARP’s cover story takes readers inside the dark skeevy world of these sophisticated rings, which are run like businesses. Countries, where fraud rings are rampant, include India, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Romania/Eastern Europe, Nigeria, and even Florida. The scams can be anything from calling a senior to tell them that they have won the lottery but need to pay taxes and fees before they can collect their millions or offering them the “chance of the lifetime investment opportunity” that’s too good to be true. The access to technology and a wealth of information about seniors, make them viable and profitable targets. (Insert here) will share ways people can spot these scams and offer great advice on how they can protect themselves, so they don’t become victims. Amy Nofziger, Director of Victim Support for the AARP Fraud Watch Network talks with Mark Alyn to help those over 50 learn how to protect themselves from these scams.

Here is a link to the feature cover story that appears in the AARP Bulletin:

Listen to Amy and Mark here:

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