You’ve Got Personality!

Eileen met her husband at sixteen and married at eighteen. She thought she had met her Prince Charming. She was married for 35 years and then divorced. What happened? They had the same morals values, and goals, and yet were unable to communicate to get the connection she needed to feel loved.
After 35 years and much soul searching, Eileen left her marriage. She had come to the belief that nothing would ever change, knew no other way to bring them together nor how to create her own happiness. As she was leaving they took an Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality Relationship course.
In her own words: “The most significant Aha! moment of my life was when I first read my own Enneagram Personality Profile. As I read my “Helper” profile it was like reading my own “Operators Manual” and the answers to “Who Am I”. Then I read my husband’s profile. I knew more about him, myself, and our relationship in 30 minutes than the thirty-five years we shared our life together!
Unfortunately, by that time, there was no turning back. Had I found The Enneagram Personalities sooner to give me insights into our different personalities – what each of us needed to feel loved, valued and appreciated- who knows, maybe, just maybe, our relationship may have been a different story. Learning my own personality helped me to compassionately deal with my own emotions, my children, my ex-husband and the reactions of friends and family during divorce and a very tough time in my life.”

She became fascinated with personalities and immediately began her Enneagram certification. These were the secrets she had been searching for to understand and communicate with all the people in her life. She shared her journey in her International Best Selling Book “Get Loved The Way You Need.”
Eileen’s passion for the Enneagram has led her to develop an “Operator’s Manual to Relationship Answers” providing insights about yourself, others and all your relationships. After finding these answers for herself, Eileen also developed the Online Relationship Program “Get Loved The Way You Need” to show how to create conscious, connected, loving relationships.
Singles too will benefit from this program as well as The Singles Guide To Personality Matching.
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