You Really Are What You Eat!

Trending topics are one in a million, and can change direction in the blink of an eye. Fashion crazes, popular dances, fitness products, or even fidget spinners can take the world by storm and be gone as soon as they came. But, there is one trending topic that is here to stay. NUTRITION. People now more than ever crave to be fit, eat healthy, and take care of their bodies. The problem is: most people do not have the knowledge to properly be healthy. And those who do…have difficulty making it simple! They throw terms at you without any background or application to real life. Professionals ask their patients to keep track of their carbohydrates, their daily protein intake, or to decrease their fiber amount, but to the regular person, all those words mean nothing!

Enter Vanessa Rissetto. Not only is she a highly experienced nutritional expert, but she also doubles as an expert in marketing and communications. With Vanessa, there is no chance of being confused with terms, numbers, or processes because she explains everything so efficiently and clearly.

With various, successful careers in multiple fields, Vanessa shows off her diverse intelligence as well as her UNIQUE insight in everything she does! Her nutritional advice is top of the line with years of experience in some of the top hospitals and care facilities in the country, and her media and communication experience is incomparable with her background as a financial analyst and marketing expert.

A marketing genius-turned-nutritional expert, Vanessa Rissetto is the real deal. She brings an exciting, charismatic, and friendly environment to the hottest trending topic in America. Assisted by her wealth of talent, there is truly nobody quite like Vanessa Rissetto.

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