To See God

To See God Book Cover

headshot of Bruce J. BergerIn today’s world, wars and controversies surrounding religion are becoming more common.  What effect does this have on believers who happen to be a part of a multi-religion family?

Bruce J. Berger, a Professor of Creative Writing at American University and a former trial attorney, will join us today to talk about his new book, TO SEE GOD, which explores questions of faith, trust, and healing among people separated by life experience, culture, race, and religion.

Amongst the topics Bruce will be discussing on today’s program:

* The beliefs that unite Jews and Christians despite their differences in religious traditions, and why affirming what people of all faiths have in common is vital to promoting religious tolerance.

* Overcoming the stigma of mental illness through knowledge and understanding that even incurable conditions like schizophrenia are manageable with the right medication.

*The many different types of Jewish identity—and how to honor different ways of being Jewish or being Christian in a multi-religious family.

*Finding the courage to believe in and follow your visions and dreams—even when others dismiss them as “crazy.”

BRUCE J. BERGER turned to writing after a 40-year career as a trial attorney, earning his MFA in Creative Writing from American University in Washington, DC, where he now teaches. His first novel, The Flight of the Veil, won a Bronze Award in General Fiction from Illumination Christian Book Awards, and his second novel, The Music Stalker, was a Finalist (Suspense) in the Next Gen Indie Book Awards contest. He has also published more than 50 stories and poems in a wide variety of literary journals. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife, Laurie, and their dog, Whiskey, and down the street from his grandson Cole and granddaughter Neely, to whom he has dedicated To See God.





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