The Expectant Father

Armin Brott a.k.a. Mr.Dad has earned enviable credibility as an authority figure on fatherhood and families. His ten best selling books ranging starting with The Expectant Father to Military Father, have brought him accolades and has become a pioneer in his field of building better fathers for more than a decade. He’s helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be and that their children need them to be. “It’s not easy being a father” Armin was quoted recently. “We go through the same things that Moms do however, we need to be able to speak better, to not hide behind the male persona of what we are lead to believe of what being a father entails. Trust me it’s not a bed of roses and now is the time for us to tackle the leadership roles especially in today’s climate.” Military Father came about through his service in the Marines, Armin , was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA where he was trained as an interrogator/translator (Russian). After that, he was sent to the Reserves. After serving for seven years he found a specific niche that many were or did not wish to speak bout and that was being a father stationed oversees. Armin interviewed countless men and the women who held the home front down while their husbands were serving along with the chaplains that work closely with the families of the deployed.while he was researching this book.

Armin found when he was an expectant father the first time, there were no books or resources out there to help him cope with the issues he found himself dealing with. How could we afford to have kids? Would I be a good father? What does that even mean? How could I balance work and family? Armin simply began by writing snarky essays, the negative portrayals of fathers in children’s literature, why men don’t take family leave when they have the chance, and an experience I had being accused of hurting a child.Those simple essays found a home in such publications as Newsweek, SF Chronicle, NY Times Magazine. Eventually he was approached by a publisher and wrote his first book, The Expectant Father, which has sold more than a million copies. More books followed. In one way or another, he ended up writing the books that he wish would have had when he needed them.

Mr. Dad was a reference to the movie, Mr. Mom, in which Michael Keaton’s character was a numbing idiot, which is how most people saw fathers and we find this true even in today’s society . His object to that portrayal and has done everything he can to eliminate it. In his work, as a speaker he never talks down to my audience and have always treated them as intelligent, curious, and interested in learning. Obsessed with research and often mention studies where he believe’s they carry weight, and having a good sense of humor and include levity where appropriate always helps, however his focus is on practical, field-tested strategies that can be implemented immediately to help get guys closer to their goal of being great fathers.

About Armin:
Lives in Larkspur California and is a classically trained violinist however his love improvisational jazz and blues for many years has been a passion. He is avid in the martial arts Tae Kwon Do for about 5, Karate for another 5, Krav Maga for yet another five, getting to fairly advanced levels in each, he still works out rather obsessively. Armin is fairly fluent in Russian and French has a BA in Russian, he also studied a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, and have an MBA with a focus on international business. Armin is single, he is the father to three lovely daughters (28, 24, 15), and a dog a male–as he needed someone else around with a Y chromosome.

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