Remembering Qualities of Your Soul

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People in the medical profession were astounded at how quickly Paul L. Hannah M.D. was able to diagnose and heal his patients’ illnesses and problems. It’s because he had something they didn’t—an ability to see the blocked energy that was causing the issue! Plus, he had a way of treating people that showed his high regard for them as human beings.

Years later, he has made the full transition from DO NO HARM to HEAL WITH LOVE… moving beyond the creed of allopathic medicine to the medicine of the quantum era to help folks heal, overcome, grow and connect with their essence.

Today, although he still helps people resolve their physical problems, it is from the point of healing their souls. His new book, Remembering Qualities of Your Soul: Joyfully Living Your Godself is giving people the tools to transform their lives—on all energetic levels — spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

In the book, Dr. Hannah reveals his formula for transcendence: Shine Like the Sun, Glow Like the Moon and Flow Like Water™ and he provides the guidance to do that. And much more!

Filled with vibrant energy from his many years as a martial arts master, Dr. Hannah is passionate about helping people discover why they are stuck, unhappy or unhealthy. He does it by tapping into his gift and using creative turns of phrases that seem to leap to his tongue as he tunes into a higher plain.

When Paul Hannah was just a youngster, he was a child apart—an observer, rather than engaged with playmates. As he grew up, he was frequently underestimated, discouraged and discounted because he was an African-American male with a drive to exceed far beyond what others expected of him. Despite obstacles and much systemic and prejudice mentally, he transcended them because of his burning desire to help and expand people’s lives. He relentlessly pursued his undergraduate degree from Chicago State University, a Masters from Illinois Institute of Technology and an MD from the prestigious Rush University Medical College.

But what really tipped him off that something unique was happening to him was when he received an intuitive hit that he would receive two certified letters the next day accepting him into two different medical schools. And so it was.

Through his deep practice of martial arts, meditation and other eastern practices, Dr. Hannah opened up fully to this gift of seeing people’s ailments by looking at the pallor of their “energetic skin”, their walk, tone of voice and other indicators, where he could see what other doctors could not.

And between his medical knowledge and his intuitive skill, he could —often with a few words–eliminate ailments that had been intransigent. He added another layer of energetic knowledge by graduating from the UCLA Berkeley Medical Acupuncture Program for Physicians and training with the Chinese Cultural Center under the supervision of Grandmaster T.K. Shih, as well as in Nanjing University in China.

Today, Dr. Hannah hosts workshops and a bi-weekly Re-Alignment Masterclass. As a speaker, author, healer, and master teacher, he strives to educate people about their own ability to cleanse toxic thinking and stuck emotions to achieve a new level of energetic and spiritual awareness. He shows them how to gain full self-acceptance and achieve a state of unconditional love! He also does private sessions with those who can benefit from his unique gifts. You can see more about him at

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