Pro-Sports & Covid – And Transcending Grief

Sports Show Host Fred Walling

Sports show host Fred Wallin joins Mark Alyn for a discussion on how the world of professional sports is dealing with covid and the pandemic.

Fred Wallin lives and dies the business of sports. In his illustrious career, Fred has been a mainstay in Los Angeles with national sports and political talk shows. Presently, Fred hosts Sports Overnight America on Sirius XM 211 and a slew of stations. Fun fact: Fred hosted a 5.5 hour post game show on KABC the night Kirk Gibson went deep against the A’s in the 1988 World Series.

After the break, Robert Clancy shares thoughts about transcending grief. He points out this is not overcoming grief, but a way to live with the loss of a loved one. Visit Robert at 

Listen to this episode here:

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