Living Without Drugs

DuraScience Institute is a global scientific institute for health and wellness solutions. We strongly believe in the highest quality of human health. We study how people can reach their highest state of wellbeing. We are dedicated to research and development to offer the finest solutions through products and services. It is our commitment to improve the quality of life through scientific innovation, efficiency, safety, and uniqueness. We also share our knowledge with all stakeholders and customers. Dr. John Rubinow talks with Mark Alyn about this approach to supplements. Dr. John Rubinow talks with Mark Alyn about how supplements are not created equal.
To live at the highest state of wellbeing is to live their live without depending on drugs, having strong heath, and minds. To become successful, you need to invest in health more than money and assets. Having great health will reduce expenses from becoming sick. This is a fundamental of duty as a human being. Therefore, health should be in the top priority to pursue.

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