Juggling Life, Work and More Life!

A Theory Of Life Work Balance

It’s one of those phrases we hear… usually it’s “work life balance”, but I prefer to focus on life first. Yes, you still need work, but the shift that happens when you put life first feels good for the soul.

The biggest problem of being out of balance is the pressure you put on yourself. The “I can’t get it all done,” leads to more stress, strain, of being caught in the hamster wheel of life… no matter how hard you run you don’t get any where. Can you feel the walls of your life closing in even thinking about it?

Ok, take a breath!

Well, the first thing to understand is you’re never going to be in balance.

Yes, radical thought. But isn’t it freeing to know it’s not going to happen?

So what the heck to you do next? If you truly accept that your life is out of balance, & it’s never fully going to be, you can then truly experience exquisite moments in your life.

Be in the moment of what your life truly is. You can say “Yep, on the hamster wheel, when do I choose to slow down, or step off?” You can be clear on the choices you’re making

Try this – I call them Cyber free Saturdays – don’t go on line, try not to look at your phone & yes, it might take – it’s a great day to get off the hamster wheel.

Or practice yoga everyday – for those who don’t have time do conscious breathing, 5 mins a day – literally just focus on breathing in long, slow breaths, breathe out long slow breaths.

You’ve just created pools of tranquility within the inbalance & they become magical. The goal is as you practice finding more of them, your life will balance.


Pam Bayne is a writer, the Director of Operations for the Evolutionary Business Council, & is the former President of the Calgary Holistic Chamber of Commerce. As well, she, along with Teresa de Grosbois, are the creators of one of the most revolutionary intentional communities being created in Costa Rica called Vista Mundo. She’s living the Enlightened Gypsy life and cherishing her exquisite moments.

Twitter: @VistaMundo_CR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VistaMundo/

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