How Old Are You Really?

While it is customary to measure age chronologically, by birthday, science is proving that it is our biological age that matters most to determine the length of healthspan or amount of time a person will maintain good health. Francis Palmer, MD, a world-renowned, board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and author of “What’s Your Number?” has spent more than three decades of his career helping people look younger by altering outside appearances under the knife, but has now dramatically shifted his career focus to helping people learn ways to turn back the clock from the inside out, and the best part is, no surgery is required.

Dr. Palmer shares how to test your biological age with a simple saliva at-home test, and the benefits of supplementing calcium plus AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) have on making cells act more youthful to potentially slow-down the aging process that occurs naturally as cells age (i.e.: gray hair and forgetfulness):
• Longevity scientists say significantly elongating life without sustaining well-being is pointless, and enhancing vitality as we age may be our most valuable health gain (the reason for the switch in focus from plastic surgery to healthspan).
• Chronological age is how many years you have been living (birthdays) and biological age is how old your cells are acting.
• Biological age can be determined by a simple saliva at-home test.
• AKG is a small molecule naturally present in the body that significantly declines starting at age 40 and affects biological age (causing cells to age).
• Combined with calcium, supplementing with a specific time-release form of CaAKG (calcium alpha-ketoglutarate) can decrease biological age by eight years in approximately seven months (according to a new study in Aging).
• Comparatively, diet and exercise alone have only been known to reduce biological age by about two years after more than a year of consistent lifestyle changes.

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