Happy Life – With MarBeth Dunn!

Join me for one of the happiest times on radio – with Marbeth Dunn. MarBeth Dunn is the award-winning creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment, a daily meditation broadcast LIVE over FaceBook. The six months meditation correlated with a significant drop in Middle East violence. MarBeth is a mindset, success, and Intuitive Energy Management specialist who helps highly-sensitive professional women create personal and economic miracles. A spiritual teacher for over 35 years, MarBeth uses her intuitive abilities to accurately pinpoint the hidden issues holding you back from your greatest successes.

MarBeth has developed the powerful Miracle Activation Technology© System, an integrative approach for greater confidence, alignment, financial success, emotional freedom, peace of mind, and more harmonious relationships. MarBeth is the former host of Having it All radio, and Founder and past President of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Her inspiring work has been featured on several television networks, including FOX, NBC, CBS, and WEYW 19, Key West. Check out her website at: www.marbethdunn.com 

Listen To MarBeth & Mark Here:

And You Can Watch MarBeth and Mark here:

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