Chemical-Free Covid-19 Elimination

As businesses strive to reopen and families look to keep their families safe, one company is offering an innovative solution. Florida based Lunasphere announced today the official launch of the Luna, a convenient solution for disinfecting items at the home and office.
The Luna by Lunasphere is a revolutionary disinfectant tunnel designed for residential and commercial use to effectively kill viruses and micro bacterium.
The key ingredient in the disinfectant tunnel is the UV-C lights, which emit very short ultraviolet wavelengths from 100 to 280 nanometers that damages the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
Bill Reicherter, CEO of Lunasphere said, “We know that people are looking for additional ways to protect their families and their employees and customers. We are honored to do our part through the technology and convenience of the Luna. I am proud of our team that has worked so hard to make this exciting new product possible and that we are able to manufacture it right here in Southeast Florida.”
In home Luna tunnels are ideal for disinfecting groceries, shoes, backpacks, briefcases, electronics, packages, sports equipment and anything else that may have been contaminated. Commercial units are ideal for grocery and retail store registers and other high traffic areas.
The Luna disinfecting tunnels are spacious enough to fit multiple items inside and are built with durable materials for scratch and dent resistance. The tunnels come in multiple sizes and are lightweight for easy relocation. The units use standard 120v power and operate on a 60 second timer that automatically shuts off the UV-C bulb.
“I am so proud to come together with my Father to officially announce and share Luna by Lunasphere. One of the most important things we can do is keep our families safe, and we are beyond excited to help our customers do just that,” said Francesca Reicherter, President of Lunasphere. “Growing up, my father taught me to always look for opportunities to do things to leave the world a better place. It is our hope that the Luna and our other products will make a difference as we all transition into a new future together,” she continued.
The Luna by Lunasphere home and office disinfectant tunnels are available at A compact version is available for homes and small businesses while larger customized versions are available for retailers and manufacturing facilities.

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