Buying Little Black Pants is Stress Free!

Women want to find clothes that fit properly… quickly… reliably… no matter what the brand. That’s all too often not the case. 86 percent of women cannot find clothes that fit their shape; 55 percent of women refuse to try on clothes… too much time and effort and it leaves them feeling badly about their bodies, according to the NDP Group. That’s not good for their health.

Add to that the fact that 50 percent of returns are due to improper fit, according to the Journal of Textiles and Apparel, with annual ecommerce returns in the United States at $10 billion, internationally, $100 billion.

Imagine clothes designed to fit 94.8 percent of all women. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

It is not a dream. Although it’s been Cricket Lee’s dream for years. It is now a reality. Cricket discussed her fitting approach to the apparel industry recently with Mark Alyn of Late Night Health. She’s the visionary behind Fitlogic’s® technology and the company’s CEO.

Slightly more than a year ago, Cricket launched Little Black Pant, powered by Fitlogic®, an online retailer of black pants made of quality twill poly-rayon-spandex in three styles (classic straight, ankle slim, and crop), in sizes 0 to 18, in three shapes (1, 2 and 3) and with inseams from 26½” to 36”. Why black? Fifty percent of all pants purchased by women are black. Brown pants are also available.

Fitlogic’s® proprietary algorithm has upended the traditional sizing model via an innovative sizing formula that calculates both body shape and size. Call it a fitting approach to fashion. Clothes that actually fit the woman. Talk about proof of concept! You have to wonder how they fit the technology in the pants…

It’s Little Black Pant, powered by Fitlogic®, the technology behind the brand and, in the past year, embraced by 125,000 satisfied women customers, most who have purchased multiple pairs of pants. Fitlogic®, developed by Cricket Lee. Impressively, Little Black Pant has sales of nearly $9 million in just over a year. URL is

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