Avoid Falling During The Holidays


Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds of their recently launched cutting edge practice, Silicon Valley Orthopaedics (SVO) http://www.siliconvalleyortho.com point out that serious falls are very common during the holiday season. A Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that about 250 injuries a day occur during November and December. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that for three years running, there have been over 5,800 fall injuries per holiday season related to decorating.

The most frequently reported holiday decorating incidents seen in emergency rooms involve falls (34%), lacerations (11%) and back strains (10%). Half of those who fell from ladders were hospitalized. Holiday-related falls include falls from roofs and furniture, and from slipping or tripping. Approximately 50% of reported fractures were caused by falls from ladders. These statistics for holiday-related falls do not count falls from ladders related to home maintenance and repair, such as the seasonal chore of cleaning leaves from rain gutters or roofs, which means the numbers are even higher.

Luckily, even for the most serious falls, SVO does everything possible to ensure that a patient’s natural joint structures are repaired correctly and preserved. They know that the joint’s range of movement and functionality can be seriously impacted by illness or injury so they provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that delivers long-lasting, positive outcomes.

The SVO team is committed to providing the best surgical outcome and rehabilitation coordination (an imperative yet often neglected component to the recovery process). Individualized treatment may involve a combination of conservative and surgical methodologies. Dr. Nic Gay and Dr. Masi Reynolds provide surgical solutions that range from minimally invasive to total joint replacement. They have an extensive history in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and joint diseases. Patients have access to affordable care from a team of orthopedic professionals and surgeons.

But avoiding injury in the first place is, of course, the best idea. Recommendations to avoid falls and the associated injuries include leaving gutter cleaning and holiday decorating to the pros. If you are going to decorate, make sure to use a ladder correctly. For example: Remember that aluminum conducts electricity. Use wood or fiberglass instead of a metal ladder for electrical work. 

Don’t use ladders with loose or missing parts or ladders that sway, sag or lean to the side. 
Don’t start ladder work in windy or inclement weather. If bad weather arises — especially rain, thunder or lightning — get off of the ladder, take the ladder down, and wait for the bad weather to pass.

Silicon Valley Orthopaedics (SVO), located at 39180 Farwell Dr., Suite 110, in Fremont, CA, has been launched to help patients across the San Jose and Silicon Valley area reach their musculoskeletal health goals. This new, state-of-the-art practice will utilize innovative, evidence-based surgical and non-surgical techniques, focusing on the individual needs of their valued patients. The experienced team will provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans to address joint pain so patients achieve optimum results. Call (650) 379-4616 to learn more or visit them online at http://www.siliconvalleyortho.com

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