An Integrative Look At Covid-19 With Dr. Moshe Lewis

Dr. Moshe Lewis has practiced medicine for the past 18 years. His practice areas include critical care surgery and immunology research, as well as treatment of patients with HIV. He is currently triaging and addressing COVID questions from employers, patients, and our communities from all around the world through telemedicine. He is the founder of the Golden Gate Institute For Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Lewis obtained his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and is a graduate of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York University). He also has a Masters in Public Health from New York University. He has been hosting roundtable conversations as well as Q&A sessions throughout the US on the impact of COVID in our community. Dr. Lewis returns to the show to talk with Mark Alyn.

You can listen to Dr. Lewis and Mark Alyn here:

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