5 Fitness Fables

The new year often brings an urgent motivation to get healthy, but also comes with an overload of information about what to eat, how to exercise and the best ways to reboot for 2018. It can be quite overwhelming, which is why one study from the University of Scranton suggests that 92 percent of us will fail to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. Topping the list of most popular resolutions is losing weight and healthier eating, but with only an 8 percent nationwide success rate, what can you do to increase your chances of a favorable outcome?

James LaValle says fad diets and the latest fitness trends are not only discouraging if they don’t work, but they can also really set you back in terms of health goals. LaValle joins Late Night host Mark Alyn to discuss five fitness fables and the real facts to stay focused and make healthy habits this year that you can maintain forever as part of your lifestyle. LaValle will break down the fables vs. facts of everything from the best time of day to exercise to the truth about what really builds muscle and burns fat.

James LaValle (http://www.jimlavalle.com) is a clinical pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist and metabolic expert who is currently at work developing the Performance and Rejuvenation Center at the Pro Football Hall of Fame village to offer personalized health, wellness, diet and performance service to members of the NFL Hall of Fame community. If you’re ready to plunge into your new 2018 workout routine, join the discussion with host Mark Alyn and guest James LaValle to stay focused and achieve your goals for the new year!

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