Health Care Under President Trump

What will happen with the health care system under the new Trump Administration? Karen Howard, executive director and CEO of the Organic & Natural Health Association is our guest tonight on Late Night Health to talk about these important issues.

Karen will talk to us about the current health care system and where she feels the Trump administration should focus their attention and how to regulate a path for a healthier America. Some of the questions we will be exploring:

Why is our country that focuses so much on diagnostics for disease prevention fail miserably in financing benefits that alleviate the onset of chronic disease by promoting exercise, healthy diets and mental health? Obamacare may be here for now but is it about to explode? Can government really regulate us into a healthy society? Our guest, Karen Howard, says no and she says her organization, the Organic & Natural Health Association, is ready and positioned to oppose the efforts of the government when they fail the test.

Join Late Night Health Radio host, Mark Alyn and our guest, Karen Howard to learn about the Organic & Natural Health Association’s focus on the value any health legislation or regulation holds for the consumer. How will changes in health care affect you? Will these changes affect your local elected officials? What can be done to change health care politics?

Also, Karen will discuss Draft Guidance pending on the FDA’s desk relating to defining what constitutes a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) for supplements. Does this draft do anything to support or enhance the documented safety record of the dietary supplement industry? You can read Organic & Natural Health’s full response to the FDA on this matter at this link:

And then be sure to tune into Late Night Health to learn more about how the future of health care will affect you personally and what you can do about it with our guest, Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural Health Association.

air date: 2/17/17

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