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Robert Clancy is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and author. He joins the Late Night Health show to bring us  Moments with Robert. Moments with Robert, features short inspirational podcasts to motivate and encourage you along life’s journey.



Never Giving Up

Never giving up is an important part of life. Never having a Plan B and just going toward your goals in a straight line is the best way of achieving what you want. Always having hope that you will reach your goals is a positive way of living. Not to say that being persistent is easy. It may not always be a walk in the park. But always holding out for that goal, finding new ways to reach for the end result, keeps you alive, focused and even healthy.

Having a goal in mind can also change. For example, if you want to play basketball professionally and but don’t have the skill, you can still be part of the basketball. You get on the team, you contribute to the success of the team as a manager, broadcaster, marketing guru – anything that puts you on the team, you have reached your goal. And you did it by never giving up!


It’s Not My Fault

Having a poor attitude affects life including your health. Being positive is not always easy. Life throws things in our way, but we need to adjust and figure out the best way to overcome obstacles in an upbeat manner. Traveling through life with a constant scowl on your face is not healthy for you and certainly not for the people around you. Having a poor attitude keeps people away as if negative energy blasts people, opportunity and health away. Work hard at staying confident in what you do and you’ll find your way to a happy life. (7/29/16)


I’m Mad At My Mom And That’s Why I am What I am

In this edition Robert Clancy talks about leaving your past in the past and getting on with your life. We’ve all heard stories of bad or poor parents “ruining the life of their children”. Robert says forgot about it and get on with your life. It’s your life, not your parents! Concentrate on the now and your life will see dramatic changes. (7/15/16)


The Power of Unconditional Love

Ever watch a kid get a new puppy? They hug, romp and hug some more. The kid laughs and laughs. And the puppy is the center of the universe. Then, by accident, the kid kicks the puppy! It’s an accident, not done on purpose. The kid feels just awful. But what about how the puppy feels? Does it mope and go off in the corner? Nope! The puppy wants to get back to the hugging and playing.  The kick doesn’t stop the love. We’ve all heard about dog owners that mistreat their animals. Yet the dog remains loving and loyal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all experience that all encompassing love in our lives. That unconditional is something we all want and need to give and to receive. (7/8/16)


The Empty Nest Syndrome

The empty feeling when your kids leave your home is a very real thing. Children leaving the nest, growing up and flying on their own is a natural part of life. But there are repercussions many people don’t realize and don’t prepare for. Without the kids at home it can leave parents (and the kids left behind) a little lonely. (7/1/16)


We All Need Super Hero’s!

Donning a Spiderman costume, Robert visits a children’s hospital as the super hero. The young kids reacted so positively to the visit, Robert realized we all need super heroes in our lives. Joining Robert in the adventure exchange student Romona Petry became Wonder Woman for the day. (6/24/16)



Is being honest like Abe Lincoln and George Washington or is it something more? While being honest to others is important, being honest to yourself is where honesty should begin. (6/17/16)